About me


I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Donders Institute for Brain Cognition and Behaviour in Nijmegen.

Currently, I’m investigating the brain mechanisms of satiation. Before, I worked with dr. Esther Aarts and prof. dr. Roshan Cools on the neural basis of motivation to obtain food rewards. This work was done in the context of FOCOM, a project with the goal to design novel test setups that can help us to understand how food and brain influence each other.

My PhD thesis was on the neural basis of landmark-based navigation and individual differences in navigational ability. You can read more about it and download it on this page.



[in Dutch] Ik vertelde over mannen, vrouwen en wat testosteron doet met navigeren op de Belgische radio 1 (hier te beluisteren)

[in Dutch] Leesvoer voor de kerstvakantie: ‘Cognitieve balans: wat is het en hoe kan het onderwijs erop inspelen?‘ en ‘Hoe je brein en buik zich voorbereiden op het kerstdiner‘.

We received an NWO grant to reveal brain mechanisms of satiation! Read more about it here.

My new paper is published in Hippocampus (link to paper).

I was on Dutch Radio 5 to talk about why some people are better at remembering their way than others. Listen to the interview here.

Nu.nl, TrouwTelegraaf.nlWelingelichtekringen, Vox and Eos wetenschap have pieces on my thesis

The Radboud University issued press releases in Dutch and in English about my defense.

I was a guest on Labyrint radio